Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Detective Bazil!

From now on;

You guys can call me Detective.

Detective Bazil.

Not too long ago, I have successfully covered the track of a bike thief- not the one who stole my bike, but a bike thief somewhere around Sheffield, who stole Harry's Orange P7 bike.

Hopefully its one of many bike thieves being caught in Sheffield- bike thieves are everywhere in the UK.

Last week, when I was searching for a bike on ebay, I saw this Boardman Full Suspension bike which was selling for peanuts. Bid it on the last 5 seconds. But got sniped on the last 3 seconds and didn't have the time to react to put a new increased bid.

I was devastated ofcourse- and the next day, the seller who sold the boardman bike contacted me (I asked him wether the bike was really sold- I was that desperate) saying that he has another bike for sale, a certain Orange P7. Googled it right away and was very surprised to see that the retail price of the bike was £1600 new. I'm pretty sure this could cost me atleast £800-1000 for a second-hand, at most.

But he was offering me for £550 and it seems to good too be true and I asked for pictures of the bike; it seems that the bike is well kept, and is in immaculate condition.

Alright- i'm gonna put that bike on my list. £550. Save, save, save. Not gonna eat for a month campaign is onnn brothaaaa!!

Before finalizing my decision, I asked the Sheffield bike community wether I should buy this bike and posted a picture of it- and that was when Harry came and said that it was his bike.

Harry and Ross asked me for his phone number, email, and some more photo's of the bike which I gladly gave them and in a matter of days, the bike has been recovered and the police are taking the matter in their investigation.

Didn't really thought that my bike hunting week ended up in successfully capturing a bike thief.

Oh well, that was for you, Barracuda.


P:S// And not to forget- Happy Teachers day to my lovely teachers!!!! from Tadika Sinaran to Sri Cemerlang, SRB St. Joseph, SMK St. Joseph, Sri Bintang, Sri Sarjana, Era Ilmuan, UiTM, KMKN, UniKL and UOS!!


Safri Ramle said...

bro, duit ku ilang RM100.. boleh tlg carik? *serius*

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