Friday, May 4, 2012

Bike Theft

Nobody want their bikes to be stolen. Bikes nowadays cost people a fortune and me myself was very gutted indeed when my very own bike was stolen by those fucking thieves.

Parked in the university, packed with CCTV's- still got stolen.

I still can't get over it though because that bike cost me a lot and unfortunately the police can't do anything about it all now. Most people will start giving up when their bikes get stolen but yeah, i'm not that type of person who easily gives up and put to an end for something that I love to do. I'll try to save up as much money as I could and buy myself a new one- and make sure its insured, registered at and locked with atleast 3 locks each time I wanna ride it to lectures.

It's shocking really, that in the UK, for every 65 seconds, a bike is stolen and less than 5% are given back to their rightful owners. Imagine a million bikes got stolen, that's only 50,000 bikes returned and what about the 950,000 stolen bikes?

Sold off to black market for parts, in the streets and if you're actually fortunate enough- in eBay. Bike thieves nowadays ain't stupid and some of them doesn't look like bike thieves at all. They could use a hacksaw, a crowbar and a power tool which could easily hack off your lock/chain in mere seconds. It's best to invest in a D-lock and if you could afford it, buy two of them to ensure maximum security. Always park your bike at busy streets so that people could see those meddling thieves and I was a bit unfortunate as at the university bike parking, nobody was there to look around.

I did bought myself a D-lock (bought it during the easter break) but I didn't had the time to put it on my bike on Monday as I was rushing for class and intended to use it this Wednesday but yeah, shit happens.

Take a look of these video's and educate yourself-

And last but not atleast-

To bike thieves-




p:s// People, do your part in the community. If you spot suspicious acts or people in the streets, please do not hesitate to call the police or simply, whack their heads with a spanar.


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