Sunday, May 13, 2012


While I was studying in the IC today, my phone rang and it was from Fifi. He introduced me about SMSA Care, a platform created specially for SMSA(Sheffield Malaysian Students Association) members to help each other and the idea of creating this platform is initiated from the vision to create an environment of oneness among Malaysians/SMSA communities in Sheffield.

He asked wether if SMSA Care could lend me a helping hand or two, I gladly accepted it and feel very honored. With increasing crime rate, houses are broken, bikes stolen, unfortunate events such as accidents, severe health issues and the loss of family members, SMSA Care is there aiming for everyone to help each other, in any way possible.

Well if guys feel intrigued to support- go to:

And help each other.

I feel totally humbled now and a hint of guilt, and in every way I am thankful to the support of my friends and family throughout this difficult times. 



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