Saturday, August 20, 2011

Middle Finger

Did anyone noticed Meireles showing his middle finger yesterday on the Arsenal vs Liverpool game?

Was kinda shocked to see that..funny that Suarez swatted his hand down

Picture Source: Tumblr

Still, fantastic away win (First win at the emirates and against arsenal on their own turf for 10 years) and 3 points in the bag for Liverpool!

Btw, I love this picture a lot..sums up my weekend today. A win for my team surely gives me that feel good mood.

P:S// I kinda like that Frimpong guy..nice name..haha


Anonymous said...

we'll win something dis year. I hope so. ehehe

Elisha Batuncang said...

Did he got away from any punishment by the FA? If it's Rooney, he will certainly got match bans and fines.

Random-Apples said...


a cup atleast and a top four finish would be nice..hehe


i dont think there's any punishment though..since it was directed to lucas as some kind of joke..haha

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