Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Safee Sali- The Malaysian Tevez

Little do we know that we have such a gem in our football squad.

Though with the size of an average asian joe, Safee Sali has the skills, aggressiveness, power and determination with the likes of the current EPL's venomous striker, Luis Suarez.

I knew Safee back when he was playing for Sarawak. He was one of my favourite local strikers and to be honest, I thought that he was a Sarawakian at first.

But now, Safee is recognized by the whole Malaysian people as the one who could replace SuperMokh, or Mokhtar Dahari and Safee himself proved, that he could shine in the big stages with recent goals at the finals of the Suzuki cup,  against Liverpool and both of home and away matches against country rivals Singapore.

I first saw him play against Liverpool and once he went into the field as a sub, he made an impact by scoring two goals and the way he plays does remind me of Tevez.

Hey, EPL clubs, why don't you guys give our "Tevez" a shot at the epl? I'm sure he could score a bag of goals!

Wouldn't cost a lot I'd say, is 1 million pounds for a transfer fee enough?

Safee, one of my favourite football players.

P:S//Hopefully new breed of players could emerge for our next 2018 world cup qualifiers. Our exit against Singapore was abit harsh, Apek should've played at the 1st leg at Singapore. Oh well, time to root for our olympic squads!


Elisha Batuncang said...

How I wish we have the same set of supporters like those Indonesian clubs here in Sarawak.

Thanks so Safee Sali, his contribution to Malaysian football could inspire and motivate our younger generation of players to keep moving forward and be part in writing the history of the revival of Malaysian football.

Emilly Amisa said...

one of safee fan here!

im not really into football tho... but following news i must :)

Random-Apples said...


If there were 3-5 more players of Safee's calibre, then without a shadow of a doubt, i'm sure Malaysia would be a football force to be a reckon with. Maybe a few years we'll see a truly powerful Malaysian football team. =P


nice to see another safee fan! hehe

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