Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lucid Dreaming

I'm sure most of you guys watched the movie, Inception.

For those who haven't, its a story where one could possibly control his/her dreams. (Or if you guys want more details of the movie, you guys can check it on for more info's)

One sentence that i'd like to quote from that movie-

"In a dream, you never know where's the beginning nor the ending. The dream always starts from the middle,"

Frankly true.

It's not entirely impossible that you could control your own dreams. Well, I did though. I could control my own dream but it's not always successful. Sounds bullshit doesn't it?

That is what scientists call- "Lucid Dreaming". The ability of which you could control your own dream.

To be able to control your dream, it requires a lot of exercise such as being able to recognize that you're in a dream.

Like, for example, you're dreaming and ofcourse to tell your mind that you are aware that you're dreaming is almost next to impossible. If you could control your own dream, you could venture with it and no, I couldn't do all that inception thingy's yet- that require's total awareness that you're in a dream.

I've only gone through partial awareness though and through it, I could explore my dreams but couldn't really influence anything about the dream. (Like changing the course of the dream and do whatever I want)

It's pretty amazing though, what dreams could bring you in.

Difficult to master, but once successful, it's fun and totally intriguing.


Anonymous said...

like seriously can control ur own dream??? :O

Random-Apples said...

yup..u could. but difficult to master. :(

hakim said...

haha, ni mst tgk kat laptop aku hrtu

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