Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Petaling Street

Or KL's Chinatown- is one of the best place to shop for bargains.

It's the only place where you could buy Louis Vuitton's handbag for RM50.

Fake ones, ofcourse.

I went to Petaling Street last Monday and stayed at LeHotel (booked using which was at the heart of Petaling Street. The Hotel was pretty decent. For a price of RM70 for a standard room, you get one cozy bed, air cond, tv with astro and a very clean bathroom with a water heater.

Long story short, my KL trip last week was a disaster because I've just realized that my passport expires next year, on the 31st of December 2013, so my visa application would be automatically rejected if I didn't renew it. My visa application is done so i'll be enjoying the rest of my holidays, for now.

(During my visa application, I came as early as 6.45a.m and people have already started queueing at the front registration desk! A friend of mine who came at 8a.m had to suffer a long wait until 2p.m just to get his visa application done)

Ok, back to Petaling Street.

Interestingly, there a lot of tourists who come over Petaling Street to buy these fake products. (Well..not that many, but most of them). There's this cute Korean tourist that I saw the other day..damn, if only I had her Anyways, I have nothing against fake products, (since they're cheap while the original ones are sooo fucking expensive) but, a few of my friends have told me to be very careful while shopping at Chinatown.

"Jangan tanya harga kalau ko taknak beli..kalau ko tanya harga pastu ko tak beli..ada kemungkinan yang tauke kedai tu akan tahan ko sampai ko beli barang tu.."

I don't know how valid that statement is, but, have you guys ever experienced such things? Hmm..


ken said...

never been there for a long time already.. yeah, bargaining is workable there - gotta see who has the last stance :P

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