Friday, August 19, 2011

An Awkward Moment At Bukit Bintang

In one of my recent trips in KL, I went to Bukit Bintang to get myself a foot massage. It feels good and I was quite reluctant to pay RM25 for half hour but for the sake of trying, why not?

There were these two Iranian guys inside the massage boutique, one who had a massage and another one who filmed the guy who was massaged by some woman. It was weird though, filming while you're getting a massage. I was like...(=.=")

But, that was nothing, compared to when I went out snapping some pictures at Bukit Bintang, suddenly, there was this his middle 20's..short, bald and big, approached me and I had the most awkward conversation ever.

Bald Guy: Yo bro..nice camera.

Wei..wei..sape kaw? Ape bro-bro? I'm not your bro la botak.

Me: Yeah..its a Nikon.

Bald Guy: By the mau lancap-lancap?

I was like, WTF? Lancap-lancap?! I went silent.

Bald Guy: Bro..we ada mau japanese? Kita ada japanese.

You think my face shows me that i wanna lancap-lancap??!

Me: Berapa ringgit satu jam? (trollface)

Bald Guy: Murah saja bro..rm50 satu jam.

Me: Mahal sangatlah. Takde diskaun ka?

Bald Guy: 10 minit pun boleh bro. RM10.

10minit pulak dah..

Me: 10minit skejap sangatlah. Takpe. kthxbai.

And I walked back to my hotel smiling and laughing all the way..wakakakakaka! 10minit pun boleh. The Fark!!

P:S// Now, humans would do anything for the sake of money. Sheeesh.


Calvin Charles said...

Seriously, that is KL. OMG... Gila that guy!

MFI said...

shit..muka ko muka porn addict kot?? hahaha

Anonymous said...

butuh bazilll,try la RM10 je kot.urut kaki pon 25.haha

Your Humble Servant said...

lol this is so sick lol

Anonymous said...

lol...(dari brisbane).

y--square said...

Oh my! Bukit Bintang is the 2nd Chow Kit adi XP

Aishah Rahman said...

I thought things like this only happen in Thailand. But so do in KL and speaking of money, I'd rather spend my 10bucks to buy food than enjoying a temporary pleasure for 10minutes. Thanks for sharing anyway..

Lim Kai Shin said...

LOL.. 10min pun boleh. xD

niaaffina said...

klw aku dah lari jauh2 takut kene tarik :D

pudenz said...

haha..nice blog

Elisha said...

Hahaha, tell him boleh "urut" sendiri. =P

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