Saturday, July 31, 2010

Talentime 2010: Could Be Improved.

Similar to American Idol, Talentime is a place where one could show their skills in dancing, playing music or weird instruments and even singing. The Talentime was held at the lecture hall, UniKL Micet. This was my first time watching talentime and my expectations were quite high, but after 10 minutes watching, I was quite disappointed.

"Hopefully the next one could be improved."

There were performances such as nasyid, some acoustic music and dances; but it couldn't bring out the X-factor of the talentime. Why? Because in some of the singing performances, some of them have forgotten the lyrics and some of the performances were under-par. Although they told us they were given a small amount of time to practice, the organizers, should give more effort in putting the talentime worth watching; by giving more time for the performers to rehearse. Macam tergesa2.

"One of the best performances from the talentime"

During the talentime, there's this performance that caught my attention. A group from the Seni Budaya Micet, played some songs using traditional music instruments such as Cak Lempong (wonder if I spelt that right). They sang Im Your's by Jason Mraz and other international artists songs- I was amazed.

"Amazing skills!"

Not only that, they also played Cak Lempong with electric guitars as well! I wonder if they could play Cliffs Of Dover using Cak Lempong?

"Now that is what I call as creative."

Traditional dances such as tarian Zapin were also shown during the talentime. Plus, there were some Bollywood dances as well.

"Not a big fan of bollywood dances, but the dancers did give a good show"

It's good to see the younger generations getting involved in preserving some of our Malaysian cultures. I still wonder why 1Malaysia only consists of a Malay, Chinese and Indian but no Sarawakian or Sabahan. Weird.

"Tarian Zapin!"

Overall Talentime was OK, nothing to boast about, really. The Cak Lempong performance was entertaining. The singing performances were nothing special but could be improved. The comments about that.

Hopefully the next one would be better.


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