Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kedai Bundle: Something you should see.

It's hard to find bundle shops here in Kuching. I know we do have some bundle shops here, but it's not as big as the other shops here in the West Malaysia. During my 4 days trip here in Johor, me and my friends went travelling around Johor Bahru in search for bundle shops.

One of the best things about a bundle shop is that you could buy a piece of apparel for as low as RM5.

I'm not a frequent bundle shopper myself, but sometimes, when you're lucky, you could get some awesome clothes and pants; I bought myself one reebok long sleeve shirt and a brand new look shorts for just RM10.

"A very good bargain! :D. Naqie got himself a new leather jacket for RM10 at the Big Bundle Shop at the area around Danga Bay. That would cost 10x in a normal retail shop."

For those people out there..give yourself a favour and try have a look at some of the bundle shops around your town..who knows you could get yourself a louis vuitton shirt for cheaps. :P.


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