Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cooler Master NotePal U1 Review

I smashed a great deal on a hardware today, a laptop cooler; Cooler Master NotePal U1.

It costs me 70 bucks as I was able to bargain RM9 from the original price. It was a mere RM35 difference from its other sibling, the NotePal U2, which is bigger and better. (I don't have the extra RM35..where's my June salary goddamnitttt!)

Cooler Master NotePal U1 is not an ordinary made in china laptop cooler that you guys always see in the computer or notebook hardware store. It is much more sturdier, sexier and has a very good cooling efficiency.

"This is one of the coolest laptop cooler i've ever owned!"

The build quality is superb. The entire cooler is made from aluminium, and abit of rubber to give your a laptop a grip when you put your laptop on top. It surely feels 70 bucks well spent.

The fan was quality. Made from some aluminium and plastic, nothing was wrong there. It is detachable too, where you could place the fan at the hot spots on your laptop. (Preferebally at the CPU area)

"The fan is freaking powerful and quiet too!"

At the moment when I put my hands beneath the fan cooler, I was like,

"WTF?! So powerFUL! and cold!" (Unlike the RM10 China brand, which has very big fan, but it feels nothing at all and noisy).

When I plugged in the usb cable, I didn't realize that the fan was rotating.

"Here's the look of the fan. The notepal U2 has 2 fan's though, which I expect could improve cooling performance by another 50%"

The cooler is very ergonomic, where it makes my laptop elevate 50-60 degree's. Typing never felt this good. :p. (Typing horizontally on a laptop is not a good idea, as it tires your hand quite quickly).


"My hands said thank you when I bought this cooler. =p"

To test this Cooler Master NotePal U1 out, I tried experimenting by placing my laptop on the cooler, with and without the fan.

I opened 5 applications in my mac as a constant variable for the test, word, excel, celcom broadband, google chrome and dashboard.

"77 degree's! My CPU could melt anytime if it goes higher! T__T"

Usually the temperature of my CPU would show atleast 71~75 upon this task, under a room temperature of 23-28 degree's. (Air conditioned room).

I placed the aluminium cooler beneath my laptop and did some work for 3 min's and see how's the look of my laptop's temperature,

"Look, 68 degree's on the cooler itself! :D"

I was seriously impressed by the fact that by placing the cooler alone could improve my CPU's temperature by 9 degree's!

My inference for the result was because the aluminium body construction of the cooler absorbs the cold air from the aircond (aluminium has a very low heat capacity) and absorbs the heat from the CPU, thus, heat transfer is conducted. (The cold surface of the aluminium absorbs the heat energy from the CPU).

And..for the big suprise,

"62 degree's when the fan is placed under the CPU!"

I was like, whoa, wtf, 62 degree's! From a staggering 77% to 62% was a very big leap indeed. I was overjoyed by the performance of Cooler Master NotePal U1. A 15 degree's temperature difference is very big as I could keep my laptop cool and safe from CPU melting.
As a conclusion, I was overwhelmed by the result. Although its not cheap compared to any other cooler's around, but it was certainly really worth it because of the aluminium build quality of the cooler body and the good cooling performance from the cooling fan. Plus, this cooler is ergonomic too!

You laptop user's should get your hands on one of these! Seriously! XD.


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