Thursday, July 15, 2010

AirAsia: My Little Experience

I still remembered the day when AirAsia charged me RM105 for "extra baggage" at LCCT. I wasnt charged that amount when I brought that "extra baggage" at Kuching.

The officer in charge at Kuching saw me bring that "extra baggage" for checking in and said I could bring that "extra baggage" inside the cabin. Nothing wrong there. Everything seems to be fine until I arrived at LCCT, where an officer suddenly stopped me from going for next flight, just because of that "extra baggage".

"If only I could make a face just like that cat..=("

Officer: Sorry..tidak boleh masok dalam.
Me: Huh..? Why?
Officer: Tidak boleh, besar sangat.
Me: Mane ade besar..kotak ni kecik je lah..kat Sarawak mereke tak cakap ape2 pon mase sy nak check in masuk?
Officer: Takde2..takbleh masuk.

On that day I cursed LCCT for burning my RM105. Sarawak are very fortunate for having such blessed officers working at the airport! =(.

Last week, I fly using AirAsia again and was hungry during my flight to KL, so I ordered myself a Burkara Chicken Briyani.

"In flight briyani!"

I've spent RM9 for the briyani and it tastes okay. If only the briyani was added papadom, then it would taste yummy! :D. Love those papadom's..haha.

I was bored during my flight so I compared the actual briyani with the picture of the briyani inside the menu.

"Not bad. But still its RM9"

Mcdonald, Pizza Hut or KFC food picture's menu wouldn't look real if you buy it. At least AirAsia does..somehow.

Instead of getting myself crazy over the menu's..i've thought of an idea. Since I was sitting all by myself in the row of 3 seats inside the plane, so I've decided to try something out..

"Guitar Hero in the plane!"

Now, I'll never get bored when I come home to Sarawak! Wahahaha!


TOLANIC said...

Sure smelly in the aircraft cabin =)

velasrizal said...

i xpenah pn naik flight..

Harga Petrol, Diesel, Gula Dan Gas Naik Mulai 16 Julai 2010

smoochie said...

Luckily ur briyani looks nice. the first time i was so eager to try their infamous nasi lemak, it turns out so dissapointing. nasi all cover with the sambal minyak. so oily. grrr. geli dan geram! hehe.

ken said...

i've never flown on AA before.. =)

Thristhan said...

Wow, so much for extra baggage. I remember pre-adding the baggage for RM20 for additional 20kgs at the AirAsia counter at LCCT before my flight.

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