Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Night Trip To Bandar Melaka: Time was the enemy.

Me and my friends spent the whole weekend jerking off at Bandar Melaka. The trip started on Saturday, with a group of 10 people and approximately at 11am, we went to the bus stop at UniKL entrance and waited for the bus. We arrived at Melaka Central 1 hour later. As usual the bus trip was very tiring indeed. Went for a lunch at Mc'Donalds (some groups went for lunch at a nearby food stall) and straight after lunch, we head ourselves for our destination; Bandar Melaka.

"The gang"

Our first destination when we arrived at Bandar Melaka was Mahkota Parade. There's nothing interesting there though, just a mall with some boutique shops. Nothing unique. But during our trip to Bandar Melaka, we saw a lot of really nice statues and buildings like this big ship and this tower, called the Menara Taming Sari that I saw did gave me a breathtaking view of the city.

"Here's how Mahkota Parade looks like"

After hours of walking at Mahkota Parade, we went to Dataran Pahlawan, a place that looks quite similar to Bukit Bintang at KL. I liked the idea of the shoplots at the walking area; how I wished that Kuching had the idea of creating our waterfront somewhat like Danga Bay, but I guess that would take another 10 more years for Sarawak to achieve that. =p. At Dataran Pahlawan, shopping addicts would truly feel themselves at home. It's a shopping paradise. Ofcourse, money wise, we didn't bought anything except if there's something that is below RM10.
We also went to the famous Kota A'Famosa where I saw there were tons of tourist cam whoring around the area.

"Kimi bought this BigFud shirt for RM10 at Baden bundle shop. Rare?"

Strolling around Dataran Pahlawan was a joy. I even bought myself a new camera strap for my camera, Matin Camera Strap which I bought for RM35 (I haggled the price down from RM50). It looks good on camera and certainly feels comfortable to use. Love every inch of the strap. :P

"This is how the strap looks like. Like the neoprene thingy. Soft and very squishy."

We plan to stay overnight here at Bandar Melaka and the search for hotels was a very scrutinizing task; I really hope that the hotels weren't like Singapore Hotel which me, Kimi and Wakjoe stayed at Penang. All of us stayed at Hotel Senyum Mesra, just 20 minutes walk from Dataran Pahlawan. It costs us RM80 but it was worth it. It could fit 10 people and there was no "tompok" putih at the mattresses. So I think that it was a good idea. Had a tough time settling the price with hotel owner too since he didn't let us sleep 10 people in one room.

Tauke: Eh, mana boleh tido 10 orang. Ini bilik maksimum 6 olang.
Me: Tidak apa, kitaorang nak tido saja untuk malam ni.
Tauke: Jangan bising2. Kalau bising2 customer marah. You kena.
Me: *Snorts* (Then what about the couple's who had sex at your hotel screaming "ah, ah, ah??")
Fine, okay2.
Tauke: Kenapa nak tido 10 olang? Kamu Gay?
Me: Kita olang satu rombongan 10 olang. Kami olang baik2. Takde Gay2.
Tauke: Ok2..lapan pulo linggit. Bagi IC.

"It's a good thing that the room was comfortable."

Once the hotel problem was settled, all of us went for dinner at Madinah cafe. We waited for Haikal and Muaz since both of them are buying our movie tickets at GSC. Midnight movie, was our big plan for the night. To our disappointment, we had to watch a Walt Disney movie, The Sorceror's Apprentice, which, in my case, sucked. (I wanna watch Ong Bak 3!)

"Fazran at Cafe Madinah"

After dinner, all of us went back to Dataran Pahlawan and luckily that night, there was a concert going on. During the concert, the MC did really gave a scare to the 2 tourists who came to the stage and did some boogie dancing infront of the crowd. If there were Malaysians, I guess they'll just stand there and do practically nothing. Malaysians aren't really sporting. True? I'll let the readers decide.

"Love the lightings of the concert"

When the concert ended, me and my friends watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice at GSC. Apparently Najhan was sleeping during the show. I arguably understand that. Unless it was Ong Bak Porn. The hero of the movie was too nerdy and too old. :P.

After the movies, the time shows exactly 3am. We were seriously tired and as we arrived at the hotel, we slept straight away.

The night was surely exhausting; and was one hell of experience! :D

Should make a movie; Trip To Bandar Melaka- One night stand.

"Staring Kunalan, subtitles included."


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