Sunday, July 4, 2010

Visiting Permai

The last time i've visited Permai was more than 10 years ago..when I was a toddler which I didn't really know anything about sand and beaches.

Recently, I had this chance to relish the past again and see what changes were there to be seen at Permai.

Btw, for those of you who didn't know, Permai is another type of beach located at Kuching, Sarawak. (The beach is located just beside Damai. :D)

The road to Permai was similar going to Damai though, just that it's abit further. The gang consists of me, my cousin, Zul, Ezzan, Wan, Amal and Zura. When we arrived at Permai, we were introduced with "entrance fee" for 5 bucks. It's a good thing that I've bought my student card though, RM1 discount.

Again, I was quite frustrated when they charge to enter a beach, it's not like their dad owned the beach FFS. When I went to Puncak Janing at Kuala Nerang, it was totally FREE. =.=

"Entrance to Permai"

It was totally thrilling to be here, like seriously. When I was still a kid I dont give a damn about tree's, bridges made from wood and the sound of nature, but now, it seems totally different. I love it!

We went to the trails on the hills at Permai to have a dip at the Hilltop pool. When we were walking at the trails, we could see the beach from the top and it was such a breathtaking moment.

"It was cloudy..we expected rain though, but didn't happen. =p"

After 10 minute walking along the trails, we've finally arrive at the hilltop pool. To my utter disappointment, it sucks.

"The pool is small and it was crowded with people"

Since it was too crowded, we decided to take a hike at the beach instead.

The beach offered us a lot of stuffs. You guys can rent a canoe or surfboard or whatever there is that they have to offer. The price was "OK", wouldn't hurt your wallet that much but is still very expensive.

"Umbrella for RM30 half a day?! WTF."

And for those of you who wants to see some monkeys here, dont worry,

"There's a boat trip where you guys could visit gibbons..wakakaka! (I wonder if a human could have a nose size that big)"

There were a lot of rocks to be seen there at the beach, which I thought was quite romantic, if you could sit on the rocks with your loved ones and stare at the ocean.

"See, rocks everywhere"

Other than looking at rocks, I could see some teenagers playing with a surfboard. A very rare scene here at Kuching.

"Surf's up!"

I really couldn't hold on as a photographer much longer. The beaches are calling my name, but here are some more shots at the beach. Really awesome! :D

"Wan and Amal swimming at the beach"

As a normal guy, I was kinda hoping that I could see some topless action. I know that would not happen in Malaysia.

Unless you wanna see some topless guys.

"Baywatch scene"

Im not gay. Lol.


suhaisweet said...

nice place dude..Haha..nice..My weekend special for u..don’t laugh Check Here

MrNamie said...

wah.. nice place..hoping to go there also :)

jfook said...

It has been a long time I din go to permai already..:(

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