Monday, July 26, 2010


Seriously I was totally shocked when I got another buffered earnings from Nuffnang. My site traffic are very low compared to other bloggers around. Averaging traffic below 50 visitor's a day, (even as low as 13!) Random-Apples were gifted with another buffered earnings.

"Another buffered earnings! XD"

To gain buffered earnings from Nuffnang are not entirely 100% dependent on site traffic, I presume. Probably content quality did the job-again for this site. I was happy, of course, with this achievement. I hope this could motivate other bloggers around not to concentrate on traffics alone, but site content as well.

"High site traffic count doesnt mean you could gain buffered earnings from Nuffnang"

Thank you to all Random-Apples readers out there for supporting this site! Not forgetting Nuffnang too for their continuous support for Random-Apples! 

Love you guys! :D 


Cik Norfa said...

wow...bagus la u, dapat BE. but if u want ur income increase, u have to get the traffic.

Khairi said...

ya buffered earning does not depend on site traffic. less traffic, less pay, not a problem for them.

Sya Isya said...

agree.. Nuff doesn't matter about traffic, as well as there are visitor everyday, even 1 visitor, it is OK for them. I also already got 2 BE, though my average visitor is 30/day.

Asyraf said...

True. Keeping good quality posts will increase your chance to get more buffered earning. Also agree with Khairi..

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