Thursday, July 29, 2010


In university, everyone studies in the lecture hall, listening to the lecturer talking about the subject that the lecturer is teaching. But, for our case, its a bit different since all of our lectures are in the class since our batch only consists of 26 people.

If you don't do your tutorials and if you skip classes, the lecturer would know. In real situation the lecturer wouldn't mind but since we are in a small group, everything we do are monitored, so we couldn't do all the usual stuffs we did in college, such as sleeping in class.

"Its practically normal to see people sleeping in the lecture halls, I think"

As a ChemEng, we are exposed to subjects based on chemistry, maths, physics and surprisingly biology. Probably this post would benefit our juniors who are still studying at KMKN, but I advice that don't take your foundation lightly. Your foundation would be your basic knowledge when you step here in the university.

Sure, it's an IPTS, and we're a transfer degree students and are sponsored, but we would like to set an example to our juniors not to take things easily. Our world right now are full of entertainments that could pull you away from your conscious mind; put everything aside and concentrate on what matters most.

"There's a lot of entertainment nowadays. Don't let it them control you! XD"

I've seen a lot of people who take their SPM and foundations lightly and in the end, they caught themselves up with doing something that they hate after that. Some people would say that we are gifted or, so to say, "student's with special ability", but that's total bullshit. We worked hard for it and we earned it. If you want something really bad, then go and get it. It's better to fail trying rather than failing because we didn't try it at all.

We learn from mistakes, yes. Mistakes humiliates us. Mistakes makes people laugh at us. Sometimes, mistakes makes people hate us. Take mistakes, as an opportunity to improve yourself better. As a saying goes, "Although I have made a mistake a 1000 times, I have learnt how to avoid those 1000 mistakes". Sounds awkward, but that is how we learn.

"Please take mistakes seriously!"

To our juniors, we wish you all the best, enjoy yourselves while you can and when there is failure, that means your best is just not good enough.


Anonymous said...

good advice... to take mistakes seriously.. :)

Mohammad Fakhruddin said...

Nice blog!
Btw,i'm ur junior n will enter Micet dis 23/7..
But d offer letter not around yet..huh

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