Tuesday, December 14, 2010

UK University Hike

As most of you people knew, universities in the UK have increased their fees threefold.

MARA have allocated my scholarship RM550,000 (approximate figure, can't remember the actual one) if I'm going to the UK. That RM550,000, would be including my living expenses and the rest would be my course fees.

Let's do some maths-

I would be staying in the UK for 3 years and MARA would be giving me 650 pounds (approximate figure) a month.

3 x 12 x 650 = 23400 pounds.
Times that with the current pound value= 23400 x 5= RM 117,000
Minus that with total scholarship value= RM550,000 - RM117,000= RM433,000

The university fee paid by MARA would be RM433,000. Unfortunately, that value would likely to be increased as well.

RM433, 000 x 3 = RM1,300,000

RM 1, 300, 000 for 3 years. 

What would MARA or other scholarship organizations gonna do about it, since the fee has increased tremendously? I'm sure RM 1, 300, 000 is a hell lot of money. Working as an engineer or a doctor for 10 years won't bring you near to that accumulated figure.

"its time for us to wake up"

Please, don't take this matter seriously. This is not just about us, other people who's going to enter the university in the UK itself would be thinking twice to enroll because the fee is tad expensive. How would you feel if the government of Malaysia increased the University fee? Surely there would be protests or riots. I'm sure.

Just look at the people of England, they went as far as attacking their own prince for goodness sake!
Hou would you feel if our own people or foreigners attack our royal highness?

Most likely our scholarship requirements would increase as well or probably they'll change our destination from UK to other places. Well, who wants to send someone who only scored average marks in their exams overseas, right?

IB requirements, from 36 would be increased to 40.
Foundation requirements, from 3.5 would be increased to 3.8.
University requirements, from 70 average would be increased to 80.
IELTS requirements, from 6.5 average would be increased to 7.

As a scholarship holder, I bear huge responsibility for the nation. I bear huge responsibility to the people, parents and teachers. I must confess, that during my 1st year in Micet I've let my lecturers down because I should've scored my exams rather than praying or hoping that I've passed the requirements. Its time for me to wake up- no, its time for us to wake up, because this world is not as easy as you might think it is. Did you ever thought that you've let other people hopes down?

Or did you thought that you've did enough?

Think again.

P:S// This post is dedicated to any scholarship holders and to those who may concern. Let's improve ourselves and don't let our nations, parents, teachers hopes down. It's time for us to prove our worth.


selipar biru said...

yep.the situation here has been getting hectic since the past few weeks..
universities students around uk went to london for demonstration..
and it has always been a hot topic on papers.

Musawi said...

AGREED! Time to be better than ever and use everything that we have and never be ungrateful :D

kyo_9 said...

when the money gets higher, so as your responsibility towards it.. gud luck bro!

niny said...

1st thing to bear in mind is, we should take note of our responsibility as students, regardless of who our sponsors are (government, private company, parents etc). Tax payers will definitely curse scholarship students if they go play2 in overseas. hehhe..

2nd thing is, the threefold course fee will be applied only for the locals starts from 2012. as for international students, we don't have to worry much ( don't have? tanngg!!!) hahha. But I believe they will increase our fees as well by the time goes.

good luck with your future examsss, mate!

soon hong said...

by chance, i saw ur blog...i also a malaysian, currently study in The University of Manchester on jpa scholarship... i wish to tell u that the tripling of uni fee will only affect uk local students from 2012 entry onwards, but will not affect international students... Nevertheless, i agree with u that government scholars need to prove our worth to justify the investment =)... as now jpa may no longer offer oversea scholarship, i hope u all mara scholars can study hard, aim top uk uni and get a first class

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