Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If Malaysia Wins The Fifa World Cup

Malaysia Won The AFF Suzuki Cup!!!

Indonesia menang. Tetapi Malaysia Tetap Juara.

I guess that statement would really haunt the Indonesian football fans. Nevertheless, it was a thrilling final. Credit to the Indonesian team. Fahmi was superb last night.

So. Since we won the AFF Suzuki Cup PakJib declared Friday as a public holiday.

OMG..that was when I wonder..what if Malaysia win the gold medal for football in the olympic games?

I think all of the players and the manager will be given prize of gelaran "Datuk"?

Imagine "Datuk Khairul Fahmi Che Mat". lets say..if Malaysia did really win the World Cup..(a very bif IF)..what do you think PakJib will give to our national team players?

My best bet would be all of the players and the manager will be given the prize of gelaran "Tan Sri". Or one week of public holiday! Or even a banglo house for every player! (Remember during the 2002 World Cup the Arab Sultan/Prince gave the players if im not mistaken a house or a rolls royce for every goal they managed to score in their matches).

"Datuk Tan Sri Rajagopal"

Well, what do you think PakJib will give if our national team won the Fifa World Cup? :P

Again, congratulations to Malaysia, the crowned champions of the AFF SUZUKI CUP!!!


Admiral Hafiz said...

Tahniah Malaysia!

Admiral Hafiz Official Website: Admiral'z Legacy

Anonymous said...

nice cuz..

rashid said...

In my opinion, the only thing that can satisfy them by giving the honor of "Datuk" plus amount of money...Tan Sri is too thought though

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