Thursday, December 2, 2010

FiiO E1 Review

Im an audiophile- a hi-fi enthusiasts; someone who enjoys listening to good audio, in terms of bass, clarity, etc..

I listen to music most of the time. Currently my music and listening gears are my sony mp3 player (which I usually use for exercise) and my ipod touch 4 (for personal music enjoyment) and a Sennheiser HD228. Last Saturday, i've added a FiiO E1 amplifier to my family of music.

So generally the amp is for ipods and iphones. You can plug any 3.5mm headphones into the amp and in my case, my Sennheiser. Frankly speaking, when I've inserted this amp into my ipod's "hole" and listen some music through this amp via my ipod; I was impressed.

The volume, bass and clarity improved significantly and I was really delighted. Songs like Scorpians, "Winds Of Change" really sounds soooo..good..and Usher's latest single "DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again" gave me some bass that feels like im in a disco party. Not forgetting how terrific Adam Lavine vocals were when he sang "Misery" for Maroon 5.

For technical purposes, you can control the volume, change/pause your music through the amp itself. There's a pause, "+", "-", "<<", and ">>" button which is very chunky to press. The length of amp is not  that long; measuring approximately 80cm. The amp itself is light, weighing only 20grams! And oh, the suitable headphone impedance would be 16-300 ohms (mine was 24).

Incase you guys don't know what impedance is good for music listening through ipods and mp3s, remember this statement the lower the impedance, the more efficient headphones are in converting the electrical energy (from your music device) into sound. Meaning, lower impedance headphones would save a lot of juice for your music listening! :)

So, to give it a nice little rep, I'll give the FiiO E1-


If you're an audiophile who wants to experience more listening pleasure and to greater heights or on a budget, I'd highly recommend the FiiO E1.

P:S// The price that I bought this amps were RM76 from an online seller in Lowyat. Incase you guys are interested, here's the link. =). 


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