Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shell Scholarship Interview

I still remembered how badly I did during the Shell scholarship interview.

It was 2 years back.

I really wanted the Shell scholarship more than anything else because they offered the course that I was interested in- petroleum engineering.

It was a telephone interview. (I know..sounds weird right? But its the same as a normal face to face interview. Its just that, you can sit comfortably in your home and you won't get too nervous about it).

That wasn't the case for me because my interview started at 11.30 a.m. At 10.30 a.m. which is an hour before the interview, I went for breakfast. I had a very simple meal and I thought that I should finish my meal as fast as I could and get back home before 11. (My house was quite near from the place that I've eaten my breakfast).

But. Just 10 minutes before 11 a.m nightmare struck. As I approached my car, my telephone rang; please let it be my parents who called.

As I took out my handphone from my pocket. Ahh.

It was not a local Sarawak number. It was from KL. And I know it must be be from Shell.

I blew it. All of my documents are at home. To think that I should do the interview inside my car was ridiculous; but that was an option. Do the interview inside the car without any documents and make a good impression? Or. Go home 1st. Do the interview with my documents so that I could lay down my facts easily.

"Hello, this is Emily (not real name) from the Shell Scholarship Foundation. This must be Mohammad Bazil"

Oh shit. Oh Fuck. Damn it!

"Yes..this is Bazil, an applicator of the Shell Scholarship Awards"

"Are you ready for your interview?"

I chose option 2.

After that call, I drove straight back home and cursing myself why did I took the freaking breakfast for the 1st place? I should've sit in my room and waited for the call! How I've wished that I've got a face to face interview rather than this! (Or a time machine) I wanted to smash my head on the wall, but I guess that was a stupid idea.

The 2nd call was exactly on 11.30 a.m.- the exact time when I should undergo the interview. I was frustrated and felt pissed of myself. I knew I've blew my chance of getting the scholarship away. I knew this was the end.

The interview, lasted around 45 mins was truly an adventure. I talked and said everything that came across from my mind. From education, sports, co-curriculum activities and friends, you name it.

The 1st call has done its job. I've failed to make a good impression. An opportunity came down knocking on my door.

And i've failed to take a full advantage of it. A week later i've received an email that I was not the right person that they wanted to look for. I was disappointed. I felt that this was the end of the world.

I never felt so fucked up in my life.

That was one of the most painful experience i've ever been too. And the most painful lesson that I've learnt.

"Be Prepared"


Cheesy cHeesy Doctor said...

should be okay la!!! cheers!! =)

niny said...

it sucks when we fail to get something we really want. well, that's not the end of the world. there must be other better things fated for us. hehhe :)

ken said...

i got an interview with shell as well.. not for scholarship.. but for employment, the phone interview was okay.. managed to go through.. but i wasnt successful on the recruitment day.. oh well.. :)

Amber said...

can u share some of the questions asked during the phone interview? mine is on 13 jan. at 11 am. very nervous here. mind to share?

Random-Apples said...

Gosh, its been a long time since i've read this post back.

Some of the questions asked were, (as far I could recall- they didn't asked anything about my education, but most of them were asked about my curricular activities and skills)

1. what types of curriculum did u joined?
2. were you the committe member? the president?
3. if yes, what skills did you applied and how do you manage your time?
4. tell me what you know regarding renewable energies (something that i didn't expect)
5. why are u interested in engineering and why should shell give u the scholarship.

those are a few questions that i could remember..hope that helps! :)

Buzz said...

hello there.. i want to ask ur opinion.. just now i had an email said that im managed to get shell scholarship for undergraduate programme.. the thing is im also get a call from INSTEP(PETRONAS) which is targeted for training skill especially in oil and gas.. right now im lil' bit confused in what to choose for my future.. i dont really sure what comes first when u build ur future career.. skills and experience or academic qualifications? if u are in my shoes what will be ur choices? tq.. 

Buzz said...

So I assume you didnt get it? Or HMM, how are you in Sheffield by now?

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