Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Road To Ielts!

Ielts was tough!

That was my first impression though. What makes it so tough, anyways?

Ok, first.

I had to wake up at 4 in the morning because the bus that's taking us from Micet to the venue of our exam (KLCC area) would go as early as 6 a.m. I didn't really sleep well that night so I was really tired when I was on the bus. Nervous, perhaps.

The journey from Alor Gajah, Melaka took us approximately 2 hours to KLCC. We didn't have enough time to go have a breakfast outside- its fortunate that i bought some breads and drinks along with me inside the bus the day before Ielts. After we arrived at KLCC, we walked our way through British council, a 5 min walk from the place the bus driver brought us.

After we arrived at british council, we asked where the examination would take place. Due to our dismay, the writing, listening and reading test would be held at the Corus hotel, 15min walk from the British council and to make matters worst, we had to register our names before 8.45a.m! The test starts at 9! So we had to rush our way to the Corus hotel, with sweat all over our clothes. However, only the speaking test would be held at British council.

I only thought that there were only "us" during the exams; the students from Micet and BMI (Electrical Engineering batch) but when I went to Corus Hotel to register- oh my! Pak Arabs, Afrikans, Mat Salleh- you name it, there were lots of them! I think there were 300++ of us inside the hall, including all the foreigners.

And oh, forgotten to mention that the stationary provided by for the ielts exam quite sucks; the pencil especially. For future candidates, the test starts with listening (easiest to score so far), reading (quite tough), writing (depends on the topic given) and speaking (quite easy). To those whose going to sit for Ielts at KLCC, dont forget to bring your sweater too! Its freaking cold!!! (In my case, the exam starts at 9a.m. finished at 12p.m. and continued my speaking test at 2p.m.)

I think I did quite well in listening, so-so for reading and writing and undefined for speaking. Undefined? Well, yeah- because I talked too much trash to the examiner, which I thought was unnecessary.  LoL.

Examiner: Whats your ideal qualities of a best friend?
Me: Someone who always give me money, presents and chocolate bars.
Examiner: Okay, so what activities do you always do with your friends?
Me: Clubbing?

Haha, nah, just kidding. But seriously, I think I talked too much during the exam until the examiner had to shut me up.

Okay, so, my predictions for my ielts exams would be;

Listening- 8.5
Reading- 7
Writing- 6.5
Speaking- 6

Overall- 7!

Hopefully that would happen. The results would be out this 10th of December!! Wish me luck guys! =P


Celeste said...

kinda curious, just what question were u asked till u got so carried away?:P

Stefan said...

No worries man. I thought it was bad and predicted I got Band 7 myself too.

With your blogging and command of English, a higher band shouldn't be a problem for you either ;)

Best of luck!

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