Friday, December 31, 2010

15 Things For 2010

1. Sold my old nikon. Bought a D90.

2. Travelled to Penang, Sungai Petani, Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh, JB, Melaka and KL with my friends.

3. Won a medal for the basketball tournament during KMKN sports day.

4. Won prizes and hampers on KMKN's photography challenge.

5. Get pranked during my birthday. (Horlick basi..kicap..kari ayam..air basuh..etc..)

6. 4.00 for two semesters. :)

7. Enrolled to UniKL Micet.

8. Played Dota for the first time. (Suck at it)

9. Passed IELTS exam with flying colours.

10. Tried ice skating.

11. Bought my first ever audiophile headset.

12. Bought an Ipod Touch.

13. Attended a concert at JB- Gego.

14. Rode a roller coaster. (My first time! At Sunway).

15. Failed in biology. (I think)

Oh, hello 2011!! Please be nice to me. :3


Anonymous said...

eh . student KMKN .
abg saya kat sana jugak ^^
dia suka main dota . hoho
hye apple ^^

ieMa ackLes said...

waa byknya perkara best berlaku..
smoga 2011 lebih mmbawa tuah tok apple..

selamat tahun baru :)

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