Monday, December 27, 2010

The Best Fruit Tart. Ever.

Feeling hungry?

This is one of the best fruit tarts I've ever eaten in my whole life. See those strawberries? Can you imagine taking a piece of the tart, and put it inside ur mouth?

Feel the crunchiness of the crust. Feel the sweetness from the chocolate inside the tart. Feel the smooth and luscious strawberries inside your mouth in each bite. ARGHHH!!!

And did you know that the fruit tart, pictured above only costs RM15? (Its really big! I can eat the whole tart if im feeling stingy-lol) For those people who lives in Kuching, give yourself a treat at Delizze and try their awesome fruit tart!

I'm craving for one now. =(


Philip Khor said...

looks good! but i'm stuck in the penisula...

Connie Ng said...

It looks so yummay.

CaDLyNN said... yummy..where to get this?

I'm Farsilla said...

ahahaha asha asked who recommend it to you?? who who who??


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