Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mee Sotong @ Penang

One of the best things about Penang is their vast diversity of food. You just can't get enough of them, really. Foods everywhere.

During one of my recent trips to Penang, I tried this dish, called Squid Noodle, which is also known as, "Mee Sotong" at Taman Kota Lama.

I can't really remember the exact price of the dish, but I think it was around RM3-3.50. From my own tongue of personal tastes, I do find that the Mee Sotong is delicious indeed- just that its very spicy.

People who loves spicy dishes should really try one of these at Penang. And oh, before I forget, you guys should also try their Coconut Shake. Very yummy!!! :p.


Shafinaz said...

it's padang kota lama la bazil =.=

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