Sunday, December 5, 2010

Its Sunway, Baby!

Last week I had a fun trip with my friends at Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon. It was atleast 8 years ago since I went to Sunway and going here does bring back some memories, truthfully. The way I see Sunway last time was so different..maybe I was still a kid and didn't really knew anything. But now, I was truly amazed how big and fun it was here. (Probably because my parents were absent-lol)

We went to Sunway Lagoon to enjoy ourselves and throw out some steams off over our chest after the ielts exam- well, literally. The entrance fee was RM60 for an adult, plus another RM10 for a deposit. We wanted to go Genting Highlands at first, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, we decided to go Sunway Lagoon instead. In all honesty, I didn't really enjoy my time at Sunway Lagoon but my friends did though. At first we went swimming through the water river and pools and after that we tried those crazy swinging boat thingy..which really spoiled my mood and took all the fun away inside of me.

To further add insult to injury, after getting my head spinned off from the boat, I placed my ass on a roller coaster at Sunway Lagoon, which was way smaller compared to the one at Genting. After the ride I was totally nauseous and I felt like I wanna pengsan. Seriously. I just can't play those things that has spinning thingy or crazy g-forces like a roller coaster. I still remember that I puked at Cosmo World after I played some crazy spinning wheel, which I rode twice. That was seriously a bummer!

Okay, I look vain in that picture. Harhar. So anyways, after the roller coaster ride I was seriously dizzy while all my other friends stood in front of me in amazement like-

"WTF you only played like 2 rides man and you already feel like puking?" I was told that I had some serious brain damage. =.=". I had to sit back and lay down on the chairs while my friends played other rides. We saved the wet rides last; since they were the best. While waiting for my friends playing, I eventually went to sleep!!! This must be some sick joke that I've payed RM60 just to sleep at Sunway Lagoon?

I think I've slept for more than 15mins and when I woke was raining. (The raindrops woke me So I walked away slowly from the place that I've slept earlier on and searched for a place for shelter. Minutes later my friends were calling me,

"Hey, come on, let's play some rides! This one for sure you wont get headache lah. I promise K?"

That sounds gay obviously, but hell, I joined in and we played some water slides. It was fun but I can't really play much, because I was still dizzy.

Frankly speaking, I've wasted my RM60. My friends said it was so totally worth it since they played almost every ride and tons of time too. Probably when I have the chance to go Sunway again, I'll play the ferris wheel instead of the roller coaster. The merry go ride instead of the boat. =.=".

Anyways, at Sunway Pyramid, I had the chance to play ice skating. Something that I've never tried before and something, that I really want to try. I had to pay a staggering amount of RM31, including the gloves (I get pink!!! WTH!!!!) at Sunway. (It was school holiday, the normal rate would be RM15, without the gloves).

How was it?

The first 2 hours when I tried ice-skating was hell!!

I can't balance my body, my feet wasn't straight and the ice skating shoes are uber uncomfortable!! I was seriously amazed and awestruck as most of the people here know how to skate. I keep on stumbling and falling. I even crashed on a kid for god's sake!

The kid was fine though, don't worry. I looked like a complete idiot and my pants, shirts and gloves are all wet and sweaty. I'm making myself a fool!

Most of the time I skate while touching the walls of the ice-skating ring. Practice makes perfect; the golden rule if you want to master anything. Hiqal, a friend of mine falled a gazillion times I guess because his pants were soooooooo wet as if he swam on a swimming pool! It was his first time too and he skated quite well, albeit falling and stumbling constantly.

The next 2 hours though was a bit different as I managed to balance my feet and body comfortably, but still, I constantly fall and stumble on people, cones and walls. Pisssen told me that during his first time, he was similar like me too, falling and stumbling. After a few trials and errors, I finally managed to skate averagely, though; which was totally fun without the occasional stumble and crashes.

It felt like a breeze.

To sum it up, I had a blast at Sunway. Apart from learning something new, wasted RM60, slept at a theme park, I've gained an experience on riding a roller coaster because I've never rode one before.

My friend, Gijul said,

"Kalo yang Sunway ko x lepas, jangan harap la nak pegi Genting..haha"

Genting..a place that I should avoid if I don't want to waste money and sleep on the chair again..LoL.


Albert said...

Genting is far better. I don't like water games. :)

selipar biru said...

like this entry!

I agree with Albert^.
I prefer Genting..I don't do water games.
Roller coaster is really scary but quite fun actually when we want to celebrate something and yell out like crazy!

but, well, i think u didn't waste that least you'd tried...better try than never!

melmonica said...

Fun hols!! Cheerios x)

iszieylyanziy said...

nak p ice skating gakkkkkk..huaaa,jelesnye

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