Sunday, December 19, 2010

Malaysia Vs Indonesia

We all know how much Indonesia hates us. (Most of them..the bad ones).

They called us dogs, pigs and branded us as some kinda copycat that plagiarize their customs, songs and clothes. Plus, during the Indonesian riot of 5-1 during the AFF Suzuki cup during the group stages, some of the Indonesians were disrespectful to our nation because they didn't stand up during our national anthem.

I don't know whats wrong with them- I mean seriously, these Indonesians people really should need some daylight out of their heads.

I've blogged about some Indonesians group and websites before who are really anti Malaysia. Please, whatever you're doing, please stop. You guys won't gain benefit from this.

Malaysia Vs Indonesia? In the finals of the AFF Suzuki cup? I'm really concerned about that.

Im not sure if they have some "plans" for the finals; like riot or doing some serious criminal activities against us but I'm pretty sure some of the Indonesians fans would like to throw out some of their "revenge" on us.

Expect laser beams on our footballers head, fire crackers and probably some chair burning action.
Or Maybe WORSE.

Anyways, congratulations to Malaysia for reaching through the finals!!

This could arguably be the most intense final of the AFF Suzuki cup!
May the best nation wins. Best Of Luck! :)


Verythfarhana said...

Hey..Im nt a Malaysian bt I still read this post (: came across it on Innit..

Bad said...

laser beam..nice..haha

++sang wada++ said...

i hope malaysia will do the best..
i hate indon!

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