Sunday, December 26, 2010

Malaysia Vs Indonesia; 3-0

Goals from Safee Saily and Mohammad Ashari undeniably outclassed Indonesia during the 1st leg of the finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup. 3-0. I really love the 3rd goal from Safee. What a header that was.

I watched the game from the start till the end and fortunately the supporters were calm and didn't do anything stupid or ridiculous, except for the lasers.

During the match, there were lasers being beamed at the players. Most of the time the lasers could be seen during set pieces, corner or even goal kicks. At one particular moment, (if I could recall it was during the 52th++ minute), Markus, the goalkeeper of Indonesia were furious of the laser beams headed towers him and called the referee to halt the game.

11 players of the Indonesian players walked off from the pitch and so did the Malaysians, when the referee saw that the game should be halted for a moment to let the game to cool of a bit. This proved vital to Malaysia where 5 minutes after the game was halted-  Malaysia, dubbed The Malayan Tigers roared the National Bukit Jalil Stadium with 3 goals.

Can Malaysia stay with the lead at Stadium Bukit Jalil and hold on during the 2nd leg at Stadium Bung Karno? No one can ever tell. But surely Malaysia are one foot away from lifting the cup.

In football, shit can happen anytime.

Recall the UEFA champions league 2005 where Liverpool gave AC Milan the most embarrassing moment of their lives when they bounced back from a 3-0 deposit to win at 3-3 on penalties.

Hopefully, in Indonesia, Malaysia will defend and lift the cup to give Malaysia a day that they would never forget. (I heard that the commentators were suggesting that Malaysia should give a public holiday tomorrow the celebrate the win- lol)

Malaysia Boleh!!


Anonymous said...

Question, is the first pix above, are the real pix? I'm curious cause it is similar to pix that claims visible laser beam from malaysia supporter here,

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