Saturday, January 1, 2011


After months of blogging, i've finally bought myself a domain name for my blog. I was really skeptical at first, but after days of thinking i'd wanted to bring my blog another step further.

I've got a pretty decent earning from the internet; approximately RM5~10 a day. It was totally different 10 months ago when I've started blogging and learned ways of getting myself some online income and I guess it was time to reward my blog here with her own domain name-

There were other names i've thought about, such as (Taken already) (Afraid that people forgot to put the "dash" and went to the page which is not mine)

Generally .com surely sounds a lot cooler and easier to remember but come to think of it, I guess .net sounds more exclusive. (I prefer exclusivity. =P)

Getting a domain name is quite cheap from Google. It's 10 dollars (USD) a year and you can use your debit card to pay for it. Plus, Google would give you a free Google apps account! (I used my maybank debit card to pay).

Hopefully with a new domain name Random-Apples would advance even further and sincerely I would thank all readers that have made Random-Apples alive! :)

Without you guys, I would not be here for who I am today. Thumbs up!


Richard Ling said...

well. that sounds really cool!

ken said...

cool. congrats on the domain..
you earn RM5~10/day.. wow that's a lot! teach please! haha..
now you can get an email with, if you have not..
all the best :)

fannychiew said...

Maybe you will interested with this offer,see it

Xtudent hosting from Exabytes at ONLY RM99/year with free domain/1st year.

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