Friday, January 21, 2011


Life has been much more busier this second semester.

The subjects are obviously much more tougher;

Thermodynamics, Fluid Engineering, Engineering Design and Materials, Applied Lab Sessions, Energy Balance, Heat Transfer..etc..etc..

Those subjects really worked my brain this few weeks and I thank God that bio is finally gone. Everything is about calculations and applications.

Thinking about how badly I did bio last semester really haunts me till now. If only i've put a little bit more effort into it.

Well anyways during this busy month of January me and my batch mates are still doing the same things together such as futsal, games and movies. This semester I really have to kick one of those things away such as playing games. I think I've wasted a few hours playing games lately. (Since they are no other things to do during leisure time).

It's time to change! :)


So yesterday I've entered two games for the upcoming Micet sports carnival.

Tennis and football.

During the days of high school I've played different types of sports. Basketball, football, hockey, tennis, rugby and so much more. I've only managed to play hockey as a representative for my school and we were battered badly during the tournament.

Though I've played a lot of sports, I find that I couldn't really play to the top of my level. Sometimes I get chickened out in tournaments and get clueless at crucial times. Sigh.


Hmm, I'm thinking of something interesting to do this weekend, any ideas, anyone?

Malacca Wonderland seems fun.

Or maybe I'll take a fully deserved rest and let my brain get steamed off and get ready for next week.

Whatever it is, I guess i'll stop here and get some shut eyes. I'm totally wrecked and tired.



gabanMorka said...

. .im able play all kind of games, but sadly master of none. . .haha

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