Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back To Basics

I'll be back to Micet this 2pm.

I wish that I could stay home a little bit longer but I guess its time to start my brain working all over again. During this holidays my brain has frozen due to insufficient brain activity and work. :p.

Got 2 bus and 2 trains to catch . Ah. The pain. Why does my dad always buy the 2pm ticket. How i hate going into the train at 5pm. Imagine the swarm of people going in and going out.

I'll miss my friends who's in Kuching. A lot of them are going off this February. Wished that I could meet all of them. :(

Anyways, another semester to go and hopefully Sheffield will be waiting.

Tata! :)


aisyaLALALA said...

all the best for the second sem!

insan kecewa said...

nak tanya bro, kt micet leh transfer kredit ke luar negara ke? cth mcm degree bioprocess sy nk transfer ke u of sheffield untuk 2nd year. kalu leh MARA sponsor x? apa syarat dia. tlg reply plizzzzzzz

Buzz said...

@insan kecewa

salam! :). kalau tak silap, nak transfer kredit tu boleh, mcm ad kwn aku sorang die transfer kredit 1st year die ke 2nd year. mara akan sponsor kalau cgpa ko tinggi..syarat die pon ketat gak..(ad english exam yg kene ambik n mcm2)..dulu study katne?

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