Tuesday, January 4, 2011

White Lady

The first thing that when it comes to your mind about "White Lady" would probably be a lady in a white dress, no?

Well, nah, its not that. White Lady is a type of drink and I do think you could only find this drink in Sarawak ice- kacang shops. (I'm not really sure..but I did asked a few of my friends at the west peninsular Malaysia and they told me that they never heard of this drink).

White Lady is a very sweet milky drink rich with yummy fruits inside- usually peaches, nata de coco's, jellies, lychees, pineapples and so much more.

Every time you dip a spoon into the drink you'll always find a different fruit or jellies. ;p.

For those Kuching people, one of the best White Lady you can try is Swee Kang, near Jalan Haji Taha for only RM2.50! :D

P:S// You're not from Kuching if you don't know where Swee Kang is! Its the best ice-kacang stall in town!


selipar biru said...

it looks yummy =.='

mojo said...

haha..i love swee kang

Anonymous said...

jadi promoter bazil dah nektok. haha.
good job!

reynny said...

first thing on my mind WHite Lady = ghost movie..

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