Sunday, January 23, 2011

Melaka Wonderland

So far I've been to a lot of water theme parks such as The Carnival at Sungai Petani, Bukit Merah at Perak, Sunway Lagoon at KL and recently Melaka Wonderland. (At Malacca obviously).

There were 8 of us going to Melaka Wonderland and we started the trip at 9a.m. Had a good breakfast at Balai, where the customer service is very good. The restaurant people referred us as their "children's". Lol.

Anyways it was a 45mins drive from Alor Gajah to Ayer Keroh (the place where Melaka Wonderland is located) and my first impression of the theme park when I've arrived was..


The place was still new and it was freaking hot!! I had a bad sunburn on my skin after we played at the theme park. My personal comment on Melaka Wonderland-

Plant more trees!!

Ok. The entrance tickets to Melaka Wonderland was RM30 since it was a public holiday. Normal rates were RM26 for adults. Hmm. Expensive? The rides was fun and it was well worth the RM30 that we paid for. Shame that the Tornado was in maintenance. It seems that it was one of the best rides at Melaka Wonderland.

I really wish that I've had a waterproof camera like the Olympus Tough; its totally durable and waterproof. Imagine all the pictures that I could take with this baby around at Melaka Wonderland! There were a few photographers at Melaka Wonderland who took some pictures of us when we played the rides- shame that they can't give us a softcopy of the pictures otherwise I could put it as my profile picture in facebook. (A print of the pictures which they took was RM15 a piece, for a size of 5R. WTF!)


Speaking of pictures, here's some of the best bits that me and my friends could capture, enjoy! XD. (Most of the pics were taken after we played all the rides and a lot of crowds were beginning to go home during the afternoon. It was soooooooo hot!!!)

"Kid's section"

"Some water slides"

"One of my favourite rides (or slides) at Melaka Wonderland"

"Ooops. I think I've focused on the wrong subject"

"That's The Tornado!!"

"Sunburnt skin"

I'm still yearning for those pictures that the photographers took when we played the rides on Melaka Wonderland..arghh!!! Cruel photographers! If only I could hack on those computers and steal them! Hehe.

Other than having a bad sunburnt skin, trying to persuade the photographers for a soft copy of the pictures, chicken and poco-poco dancing with the dinosaurs on stage for a free drink-

Melaka Wonderland was fun! ;)

P:S// More info can be obtained at


Badboy 125 said...

Which subject were you focusing on?hahahaha

syaEYRA said...

macam best je

Buzz said...

Hi there.. it looks fun for the ride.. plan to go next month.. wondering if they charge separately for the tubes?

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