Friday, January 14, 2011

Worst Nasi Lemak Ever

As your typical Malaysian, one should know what Nasi Lemak is.

Pandan rice served with sambal, eggs, cucumbers, peanuts, salted fish or if you'd like, fried chicken, meat or fish.

That would probably costs around RM3 and I still remember the days when I'm in school where the nasi lemak costs 50 cents (didn't include the chicken, meat or fish, just a simple one).

Recently, our cafe's at micet has changed their tender. No more Pak Ya. No more Puake. (The name that we used to call). Those cafe's now are taken over by two unknown people and it was 3 days ago when I bought a nasi lemak from one of those shops and it was absolutely shocking, for what they charged me RM1.20 a piece.

White rice + sambal = Nasi Lemak??

Where's the peanuts? Where's the egg? Where's the salted fish?!

Dahla sambal x sedap!

Seriously inflation has served our nation well.


gabanMorka said...

surat khabar buat lapik tu yg buat mahal kot...haha

Firiz said...

kontrak rasuah kunci pd ketidaksedapan nasi lemak!

Badboy 125 said...

x layak di panggil nasi lemak..

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