Sunday, January 16, 2011

Makan2 Di Umbai

Yesterday me and my friends went to Umbai to have a dinner.

Umbai is famous for its seafood. Umbai's seafood is relatively delicious, fast and cheap; I dare to say that Malacca's Umbai is much better compared to Kuching's Buntal.  The journey took us approximately 40 minutes from Alor Gajah.

We ate at Ikan Bakar Parameswara, which is located at Medan Ikan Bakar Pernu and we ordered 6 types of dishes (there were 5 of us in each table) and the service was super fast! :p

Here's the 6 dishes that we ordered.

1. Lala Masak Halia

2. 10 Pieces Of Butter Prawns

3. Sotong Goreng Tepung

4. Kailan Masak Ikan Masin

5. Kerang Bakar

6. And...Ikan Siakap 3 Rasa!

I'm 100% sure all of you guys are drooling over those pictures, right? Imagine chewing those crunchy sotong goreng tepung in your mouth..ahhh...simply delicious!!

Other than these 6 dishes, we also ordered some white rice and a jug of orange juice and cold water.

The bill?



RM118 je.


iwan_dextrous said...

mkn x ajak..hahaha..

btw umbai mmg nk dpt tmpt skit pnye ssh ...ahhaha

selipar biru said...


seriously drooling in front of my lappy!

Gabrielle Jee said...

oo the lala looks good!

what sort of lens did you use here?

nurfaiz shaidan said...

HAHAHA, my mom said that places to eat at Umbai are cheap, and delicious too! But never been there before. Your pics on the seafood really make my buds went all crazy! :DD

xing said...

thanks for making me drool! those food are typical chinese dish. favorite of all time!

syaEYRA said...

sucinya kerang tu!

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