Thursday, January 20, 2011


The world resolves around money.

The food that you eat, the clothes that you wear, the internet that you surf, the camera that you shoot pictures with and the bed that you sleep on- everything involves money; well literally, of course.

I know that not everything in this world is about money, but lets face it, without money your life sucks.

Though due to some degree, most probably you'll say that statement is true.

There are many ways to find money.

You can always rob the bank. You can sell burgers on the roadside. You can open a business. You can be a teacher. You can be involved in MLM (though i'm highly highly skeptical about this). You can even sell your own dignity for the sake of money.

There are endless possibilities in finding money. Endless.

I still remembered the days when a can of cola was sooo cheap back then. RM1.10 a can.

Inflation has served us well through the years.

Our daily needs and commodities are very expensive nowadays and to live in a city is just a burden to big to handle.

Money is evil. Yes, it is. Money can make you kill your friends. Money can make you kill your brothers and sisters. Or even your mother.

Ask yourself, do I hate or love money? Why so?

And still to this day I find myself puzzled, without money, what would our world be nowadays.

I wish that everything was free. ;)


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