Thursday, January 6, 2011

Muslim Batman. The Protest. The Idea. The Agony.

Recently i've read some news regarding this "muslim batman".

No- its not "Keluang Man". Don't get me wrong.

But supposedly, DC Comics in the US (who's in charge of those marvel comics such as x-mans, superman, spiderman, gayman, or to put it simply; all the man that you can think of) introduced a new superhero which caused quite a stir in the US.

Meet Bilal Asselah or formerly known as Nightrunner who is a citizen of France, a Sunni Muslim, and 22 years old living Clichy-Sous-Bois of France.

This, has caused some bloggers to go on strike and some forums to be in serious caution. Here are some quotes that you guys could ponder and think thoroughly.

Warner Todd Hudson (American Writer)
"Unfortunately, readers of Batman will not be helped to understand what troubles are really besetting France. In this age when Muslim youths are terrorizing the entire country, heck in this age of international Muslim terrorism assaulting the whole world, Batman's readers will be confused by what is really going on in the world. Through it all DC makes a Muslim in France a hero when French Muslims are at the center of some of the worst violence in the country's recent memory."
Angry White Dude (Blog)
"Nightrunner the Muslim sidekick will have strange new powers to bury women to their waists and bash their heads in with large rocks."
Bosch Fawstin (Comic book creator)

"DC Comics has submitted to Islam."
I've even read in a forum that they've made a poll about it;

Should a Batman sidekick be a Muslim?

That question is seriously harsh. I think i'll leave that on you readers to think about. For me i don't have any personal issues about it. ;)

Muslims or non-muslims alike, we all need a safer environment, right? 


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