Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stupid Handphone Seller At Malacca

Just imagine that you were window shopping one day at a really big shopping mall.

You want to buy a handphone, but as smart consumers, we should always check and compare the prices first before we buy, right?

How'd you feel if you were asking how much the phone costs, just for the sake of checking the price and comparing and suddenly you were scolded for wasting their time because you didn't buy the phone?

Here's a conversation my friend had with this so called handphone seller at Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca, earlier today.

Seller: Mau apa? (What do you want?)

Naqui: (Scanning for handphones for display..) Oh. Ini handphone 1st ka 2nd hand? (Oh, this handphone, is it 1st or 2nd hand?)

Seller: 1st.

Naqui: Harga brapa? Mahal tak? (The price? Is it expensive?)

Seller: RM90.

Naqui: Oh okay. Mau tengok dulu2. (Oh okay. I wanna look for others 1st)

Seller: (Suddenly bursts) Wei you kalau tanak beli jangan tanye la, cibai. (Wei if you don't wanna buy then don't ask la and continues to talk trash).

Well, if you don't want to entertain customers then don't open your business la motherfucker! This is quite similar to the gangsters who sells handphones at Pertama Complex. So fucking rude!

P:S// I'm sure most of you guys would want to know what is the name of the shop and to prevent others from getting the same treatment, here it is.

"I volution Communication"



encHIx laNDax said...

kat mana?boleh aku banned kedai dia..aku malaccan gak

monica said...

teruk betul seller tu..lama2 confirm bankrap kalau perangai mcm si*l je.. =.=

Anonymous said...

WHAT!!??.. geezz.. with this kind of attitude???

Anonymous said...

asal x sepak laju laju? :D

Badboy 125 said...

Head shot him..

Anonymous said...

I guess you or your friend should yell at him back "kalau tak nak orang tanya,letak harga la!!!

Anonymous said...

kedai tu kt which mall of melaka? dataran pahlawan? mahkota parade? melaka mall?

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