Monday, January 3, 2011

The Top 10 Malaysian Internet Searches

Did you know that JUSTIN BIEBER is one of the top 10 searches in Malaysia?!

I didn't believe it myself and I really put that statement into my thinking cap for a while. I tried to brush it off from my head but I couldn't.

How the heck did Justin Bieber is one of the top 10 searches in Malaysia? Sheesh.

Okay..for you guys who's wondering what's the top 10 HOTTEST searches in Malaysia up till the end of 2010-

1. Proton Inspira (Mitsubishi Lancer copycat)

2. Ipad (Nothing less than an oversized ipod touch)

3. Benci Bilang Cinta ( I don't know what's that- Hate Count Love?)

4. Piala Dunia 2010 (Spain won the world cup)


6. Facebook (It should be in the top 3 the least)

7. Utusan Online Terkini (My source of daily news)

8. (Good website for price checking)

9. Didi Games (What's a didi games? Well yeah- go search on Google)

10. Fifa (Anything related to football)

Seems to be a little bit screwed up really, practically the number 5. I bet uncle Google must've been really sick of all the Justin Bieber searches that he had to endure. 

Just imagine when you type the letter "j" or "b" the first that comes out from the suggestion box is non other than





I wished it would have been;




Haha..kidding! Have a nice day everyone! :)


Gabrielle Jee said...

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Random-Apples said...

Replied at ur blog! :D

fazran_hakin said...

Gempak2 gelak sekor2 bce entry ni

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