Friday, January 28, 2011

A Young Engineer

People usually asks me what course am I studying at the moment. To clear things off right now I'm currently studying Chemical Engineering, Process at UniKL Micet undergoing a Transfer Degree Program with Sheffield University.

Being sponsored scholarship by MARA is a very very big responsibility that I have to bear. I'm using the people's money, to fulfill my study. Though MARA gives a very large sum of allowance every month, sometimes I feel guilty of spending it because I feel that there are many, many worthy persons should be under my shoes now instead of me.

I really want to study at Sheffield badly. It was one of my dreams to study overseas. I bet everyone had dreamed off it too. Japan, Korea, England, Russia, Singapore, name it, I'm sure all of you had dreamed of studying there.

Being an engineer does bring great responsibility too. Many thought that chemical engineers do their "work" on the laboratory, mixing liquid A to liquid B and getting the desired liquid C. Nah. Process engineers are much more technical- we design plants (sorry, architects), operate, control and optimize anything that involves a "process".

Right now I'm thinking in my small head- am I capable of being a process engineer, holding a 1st class degree from Sheffield with a title of IR- IR Mohammad Bazil?

Turning dream to reality- possible but I really have to work hard to earn it. ;)
I mean really, really HARD.


gabanMorka said...

what makes life so fun is the joy of fulfilling our dream..haha

Badboy 125 said...

Congratulations cousin... ^_^

of tr@vels, 3nvironment, 9hotography and bl@bl@bl@ said...

Processing engineer, that's part of my degree last time :D
Good luck and congrats!

aiwei said...

I am studying chemical engineering. To be honest i hate it! So glad to hear that u actually enjoy it...maybe formulae and numbers are just not my thing.
Anyway, may your dream come true

gabanMorka said...

formula, numbers, statistic, and etc is never be my thing..and i lost many of my dreams either. but you can't stop there, because you'll find yourself getting better and better, as you moving forward to grab it

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