Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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I'm not really a fan of shoes. But I do find that Converse's shoes are quite stylish and hip. Currently I only have a pair of shoe, that I brought 2 years ago, which was a Puma.

I'm considering in buying a new pair and my friend's Converse looks sooo cool. I like the colour!

Gray! One of my favourite colours! ;)

Some say that Macbeth shoes are cool too. Nike and Adidas seems to be overly priced nowadays.

Decisions. Decisions.


iwan_dextrous said...

nice shoes...likes mine..but high cut.hihih

gabanMorka said...

sama juga seperti aku! aku suke converse kerna nampak simple n smart...n tu la satu-satunya kasot jalan2 aku.hahaha

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