Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tennis Pictures!

During this weekend there was a sport carnival held at Micet. I've entered tennis (doubles) and football. I've played tennis this week and would be playing football on the next weekend.

Though we were battered quite badly by the seniors, but we gave them a good fight overall. Here are some snapshots of me and my friend, Muaz playing the tennis doubles. :). Thanks to Hafiy and Akmal for snapping up some shots of us!

If only I could play like Nadal and serve like Roddick, i'm pretty sure chicks would be screaming my name-

Go Bazil! Go Bazil! Go Bazil!!

It's your birthday!

Go Bazil!!

Lol. Joking. Anyways, would be looking forward for the football match! That, I'm sure we would thrive to the finals! Hehe.


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