Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Apart from being an engineer, I always wanted to be a teacher or even-

A Businessman.

When I was in school I did a small business among my peers and teachers, where I sold some of the pictures that I've took with my camera.

The profit was awesome, imagine a piece of picture that I've printed, I could sell them back for 100% profit. 50cents a piece and RM1 for sale; and thus it began the love for business.

Someday, if I could save up all my money, I would really like to have my own gas station or maybe, my own McDonald's restaurant!

I look at myself in the mirror and told myself,

"I wanna be a successful businessman!"

Ultimately, if I couldn't afford to open either business, a gas station or a restaurant, I want to become just like Mr. Lee, a successful teacher, and a businessman.

A tuition teacher with his own tuition centre, Sri Sarjana- one of the most sought after tuition centres in Kuching. I still remember those days when Mr. Lee always asked his students in the class,

"Who can answer this question I will give RM50"

And Mr. Lee ain't bluffing. If you answered his questions correctly, you're RM50 richer than the other students.

Nah, someday..sometime..

"Anybody who can asnwer this question, I will give him an ipod"

And that's me, being a successful teacher, with his own tuition centre and owns a McDonald's restaurant.

Who knows.



gabanMorka said...

you can be what you just need proper planning and time..

its never too late

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