Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chemical Engineers

Its a fact, that Chemical Engineering are one of the toughest course that engineering has to offer.

I can't blame myself for choosing Chemical Engineering, because I really wanted to study this course wholeheartedly. My second choice of study was Mechanical, due to the reason that I always love robots. Or anything that involves mechanics.

Well, kinda.

Anyways, today I had a talk with my sponsors and we had the shock of our lives when we saw the statistics, in which most Chemical Engineering students fail during their second and third year in the UK.

Our first batch has resulted in 2 failures so far, and the second, resulted in 4. The third batch has already done their exam but their results are yet to be known. Me, myself and my friends here in Micet are the fourth batch of students who are going to pursue Chemical Engineering as the desired course of study and to be honest, I felt somewhat scared of what challenges lies ahead that I could face in the near future.

To be honest with you, I am struggling for my first year in Micet and the challenges present are not that easy to face with what I've got in my guts now. I've studied and done my tutorials but the fact is, it is still not enough.

As I was playing with my imagination and thoughts what was the fucking reason of why i'm struggling, the talk did the job really well.

One of the speakers, told us that attitude, plays an important role that determines who, what and where we really are.

Knowledge, Skills, Information and Attitude are the 4 core elements that one has to be available to oneself, in order to be successful in their ventures. And it was surprising, that Attitude, accounts 93% of the success rate of what we Malaysians call as,


For the past few weeks i've been in a constant amount of stress and I couldn't really think much about what to blog about except my current thoughts and feelings.

Still. A. Long. Way. To. Go.


Jess-iE said...

hi where are you doing chemical engineering, may i know? =)

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