Friday, February 11, 2011

Till Death Do Us Apart

When I was a child I witness both of my granpa passed away. And not long after that my granma, from my dad's side followed the same fate, too.

I never knew what happened. I never knew how much it means for my parents, to lose their beloved mother and father who raised them since they were children's.

All I knew was it's holiday and I could meet all of my cousins and play. Beneath all those playfulness of me when I was a child I felt a little bit curious during my grandparent's mourning.

I'm an adult now, and those feelings I understand really well and wish to avoid because the sadness is unbearable.

Right now, my aunt is battling with blood cancer and once I've thought all those memories I had together it pains me to see her in such agony. Her only foster child and my cousin whom she adopted few years ago would never understand the meaning of death.

I could imagine her cries,

"Mommy..mommy..where are you..?"

My aunt loves her so much and every time I've thought of that it brings so much sadness to me. Ain, the name of my cousin, is her only child. My aunt brought a lot of toys for her. Every time Ain throws her toys away my aunt would willingly pick them up and give it back to Ain.

But now all my aunt could do is watch her only child dazzled with my aunt's current situation in the hospital and sometimes, Ain teases,

"Mummy, come back home. Ain misses you".

"Mummy have work to do here Ain, maybe tomorrow, okay?"

"But mummy, tomorrow Ain have to go to school."

I couldn't bear to watch and listen anymore. For all these while I've kept those feelings intact inside my heart, but I don't think I could do it now.

The sadness it brings for losing someone you really love and care is too much to bear with heart.

As im typing this, I couldn't stop myself from crying..

Cancer, is such a dangerous disease and at this very moment my aunt is lying on her bed at the hospital, sleeping and my sister told me that Ain teased her mom again,

"Why mummy always sleep..?"

But still, there's always hope.

I'm begging, for those of you who are in Kuching, who's generous enough to donate some blood (O+) to my aunt, please do.

Your help, is very much, appreciated. Someone's life, and someone whom I and my family love and care, and a mother to her only beloved child is in, your hands.

P:S// Nadirah Bolia, 0168601510


jfook said...

Oh, I'm from Kuching but I'm in KL now. I have posted the link of your entry in twitter. I hope it might help.

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