Friday, February 18, 2011


I went to KLIA yesterday.

Me and my friends were going to meet some of our friends who were going overseas to further their studies and boy- what an experience it was.

As I enter KLIA, I saw swarms of people lingering around, where most of them are students and their families. Those students wore their MARA jackets and I could really see their sadness, in leaving their beloved hometown and the joy of opening a new chapter in a new place and people.

It was not surprising to see parents crying when they see their children's boarding for overseas and wave goodbye. It was totally predictable. But to see it with my own eyes I've thought to myself,

I wonder, what are the things that are going through their parents mind right now.

And then I wondered, again-

What if I'm the one whose wearing that MARA jacket, boarding for overseas, waved goodbye-

And saw my parents crying right in front of me.

What emotions would run through my very veins? Would I cry too? Would I run back from the boarding area just to give them one last hug?

I couldn't think less.

To see my friends pursuing their dreams is really a joy to watch, and feel. I am under their shoes now. But they're going a bit earlier than us.

For once my only source of inspirations are my family. The ones who guided me through my whole life. Ever since I saw my friends whose waving goodbye to me and said,

"See you there"

I guess; friends, are one of my source for inspirations too.

Going back home thinking how am I fucking gonna do this shit was something that I really thought really well.

If my friends can do it, so do I.


dillataib said...

I must say it was like tearing the heart apart when it's the first time.
but eventually,things just kinda sort itself out.
but not the 'homesick' thing though.;)

well.i hope u get wht u dream of.
and stay believing in urself.
good luck.!

aisyaLALALA said...

heeee, aisya tak nangis ponnn walaupon all the ppl around me semua menangis. i'm wayy too excited i guess. hehe XD

IamnwhoIam said...

wow aisyalalala, i wonder how you can tahan not to cry. If I were you, I'll be the first one to cry. How I wish to be like you. Dah la kalau i nangis, terus tak boleh cakap. aiseh.

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