Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Writing Culture

I love writing.

When I was still in school, I used to write letters, short stories and poems. I love writing down my thoughts on a paper and I've used to kept it all over myself. When it comes to language classes, I love writing essays- especially in english. I sucked in BM.

I've wrote myself a journal, and even a diary. Sometimes when I'm back here in Kuching i'll look upon those books and recap all of those silly things that I've done when I was younger.

When I was bored I'll write a short story.

When I was "today was a good day" mood I'll write it in my journal.

Or when I was falling in love with someone I'll write a poem.

But it doesn't make any sense now though. Ever since I leave school those things were a thing of the past.

Now, writing was just some sort of typing on a computerized programmed keyboard-

Which I call as;



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