Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Was Caught By The Police!!!

It was just a typical Sunday afternoon before something bad happened. Or should I say "unlucky".

Me and my friends were going out for our lunch at our usual place (we call it as Seremban)-roughly 3-5 minutes drive from Micet.

On our way to Seremban, there was a police road block and as a typical Malaysian, we rushed to buckle our seat belts and unfortunately, one of my friends, Kuna didn't manage to buckle up. (I was sitting at the back btw).

So we parked the car approximately 100 meters away from the road block and Kuna tried to buckle his seat belt but to no avail. We thought about U-turn..

Or get chased by the cops thinking that we were some drug dealers trying to escape from the police.

We charged in and as soon we approached the police at the road block, we had this conversation.

Naki: Assalamualaikum Pak Cik..

Police: Hah, ni parking jauh tadi ape kes? (Checks our car for any suspicious things). Ni tak pakai tali pinggang apesal? (The policeman looks at Kuna, who's sitting at the front)

Kuna: Aaa..tali pinggang rosak la pak cik. Takleh nak tarik.

Police: Oooo..takleh tarik? Driver meh lesen ngan IC. Parking kat tepi tuh.

Me: (Goddamn it! Are we gonna get summoned?)

Police: Pegi jumpe pak cik yang tengah dudok kat ujong tu.

Naki and Kuna walked out from the car and went to see another policeman. I was sitting all alone in the car and suddenly the policeman called out

"Hah, tu yang dok blakang tu. Pergilah skali".


So I took out the car keys and walked out from the car as well. Feeling confused and angry I went to the other policeman and asked-

"Kiteorang kene saman ke ni pak cik?"

"Takdelah, yang dudok depan tu je yang kene saman. RM30. Dah. Bagi IC" replied the policeman.

After handing out my IC to the policeman, the policeman wrote our names and addresses at some kinda name list. I seriously thought that we were gonna get summoned. But still, I remembered that if we were getting summoned for not wearing our seat belts, it would be around the region of RM100~RM200.


Rasuah ke bang?

Police: Hah, ni yang tak pakai tali pinggang tu, sebelum saye saman, awak nak cakap ape-ape tak?

Kuna: Errr..

Police: Ni, saye tanye lagi, sebelum saye saman, awak nak cakap ape-ape ke tak?

Should Kuna hand in RM30? That would be bribing. I don't know. RM30 seems reasonable than getting summoned RM200 for not wearing a seatbelt.

Kuna: ....

Police: Oklah, ni last saye tanye. Sebelum saye saman, ade ape-ape nak cakap?

I can see that the police is getting frustrated. I mean, did the policeman really want us to bribe him? At this point we were panicked and didn't know what to say. In all of a sudden the policeman kinda shouted at us-

Police: Minta maaf. Lain kali saye tak buat lagi. Tu pun susah ke hah?!

All 3 of us: Minta maaf pak cik. Lain kali saye tak buat lagi..

After we said that, the policeman gave our IC's back and we walked back to our car. Relieved. The policeman that stopped our car earlier suddenly said this with a tone of sarcasm;

"Eh, tak kene saman ke?"

Corrupted police. Sheesh!


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typical police!

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