Thursday, August 2, 2012

Continuing What I've Left Behind

That picture, above, is the sole reason (apart from the olympics and work) why I am currently away from blogging this past few weeks. I know I have been blogging a lot less lately but I'll always find time to get in touch with everyone and update with you guys as soon as possible.

You know, I always wanted a PS3 ever since secondary school but it was bloody expensive and I don't have the money to buy those original games. PS3 games can be pirated nowadays but the true fun of playing with a console, such as PS3 is its ability to play online with others (which you can't if you play pirated games) in the rest of the world. I don't have much games with me at the moment as I'm still collecting and searching for a few deals on PS3 games.

I bought it for £120 and it's the 160gb hardrive version (roughly RM600) on ebay in which the seller only used the PS3 for a mere 3 hours ever since he bought it (I've got my salary already so this is a present for myself for completing my 2nd year for my master course). So it's like new anyways and I got a few games from him. RM600 for a nearly new PS3 is bloody cheap! And original games here are cheap too and is constantly on sale everywhere.

Here, most of my friends have atleast a PS3 or an XBOX 360 in their house. I finally got one, and will keep me company when there's rain outside of Sheffield. I've been away from console gaming ever since my PS2 broke down after my PMR..which was like, 6 years ago, probably.

Right, now where's my controller..God Of War is calling for me name.


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