Monday, July 23, 2012


Hi guys! How's your Ramadhan so far?

 For me, it's been a tough few days as i'm trying to get used with fasting for more than 12 hours..i mean, 18 hours to be exact. Normal routines such as work, playing tennis and occasional cooking for my housemates have kept me busy as well as serving myself a plate of implementing good deeds for Ramadhan such as sadaqah, reciting the Quran and visiting the mosque as frequent as I could.

I've been missing home lately and there's nothing much to do here in Sheffield anyways. The weather is getting normal now with rain getting less and less each day- we see more of the sun now.

I wonder how's it like in Malaysia now. With all the glorious food stalls lining up for everyone- foods such as satay, laksa, kebabs, roti and ikan bakar just waiting to be served during iftar.

One thing that i've learnt in these few days of Ramadhan in the UK, i'll always be grateful with the mosque in Malaysia as their are more spacious, comfortable and yet, it's not filled up as I see here in Sheffield.

Just sharing a few thoughts out of my mind. So how's your Ramadhan so far? Time flies so fast now and in just 3 weeks it'll be Eid, hehe. Like a status of a friend of mine read-

"Baru sehari puasa dah main lagu raya..aduh2"



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