Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sheffield 3.0

I've been moving to my new house recently and there's been no internet connection- hence the no update. It's a decent house and very lovely, I love the lounge pretty much and my room has a fireplace in it, just that it's not working. But still.

Life has been pretty boring lately with no classes as usual and most of my friends are back in Malaysia enjoying the good old sun and toasty weather. It's cold and wet here in Sheffield. British summer sucks and it sucks balls. Whenever you wanna go out and soak in the sun to have fun and enjoy a little bit of good time there'll be rain to crush your dreams.


So all of my application for internships in the UK got rejected, maybe because I'm a 2nd year in my master's degree but most of them said that I was in lack of experience. Yes, experience.

I'll try to get as many volunteering jobs as I could in my 3rd year and try again, well it's not as if I'll die if I didn't get any practical experience but it's essential if you want to get a very good job after graduation. I'm settling in as a university accommodation cleaner in my university and to be honest the pay is damn darn good-

It's RM40 a day and I could get like RM160-240 depending on how busy the day is.

That's like 3x more than the average pay for an engineer!! Tapi yalah, terpaksa cuci dapur, jamban, bilit. Sikdala kotor ne, just cuci debu and buang tekih2 kulat ngan dakik oven..hahahaha

Syok la joli beli barang time dapat gaji!! Woohooo.

Anyways, olympics would be held in London and obviously everyone knows that. I wanted to see a few games live but the tickets are too expensive! I'll just settle myself with watching in live streaming on the net. It's

I just can't wait to go back home now. Just a few weeks left and i'm back to sunny Malaysia!


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